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Sushant Sood was in his late teens when he started working and sometime later, he thought of taking quintessential Punjabi accessory – Punjabi Jutti – to not only the Punjabis but non-Punjabi as well, with his online brand JuttiChoo, which now offers Punjabi juttis in as many colors and designs as you can think of. However, the decision of putting his products online, rather than putting them in the store, was a conscious one. “Firstly, let me tell you that running a store is easier than selling products online. The only way you can capture buyers attention through clicks is by offering products, which you show and offer online.” He adds, “The idea was to take a tiny part of our Punjabi tradition to places where it is not easy to source. Now, people sitting in Mumbai or even Hyderabad can buy authentic Punjabi Juttis”.

JuttiChoo’s every pair is designed by experienced and talented craftsmen and artisans who never compromise with quality. The designs depict authentic Punjabi legacy which is a big asset to our product. Sushant constantly upgrades his online business, investing in professional photography of products and more. “Being online is the need of the hour, many women want that they should get products delivered at home. This is what we do, along with the regular size that the customer orders, we send a size smaller and bigger as well. This is the effort we put from our side.

In past few years, JuttiChoo has become a renown authentic Punjabi Jutti brand, not only in India but Internationally as well. Our delicately handcrafted pieces are worn by many b-town and telleywood divas like Deepika Padukone, Malaika Arora Khan, Karishma Kapoor, Richa Chaddha, Kriti Sanon, Sonam Bajwa, Karishma Tanna, etc.

juttichoo ABOUTUS

Rich by heart, in spirit and even otherwise, that’s what Punjab and Punjabi culture signifies! Can anything that begins with Punjabi name be any less royal?  Punjabi Jutti, indeed, is the queen of footwear, adorning the feet of young and old, giving them the feel of a walk in the clouds every time they wear it.

Welcome to the brand that epitomizes the aura of Punjabi Jutti – JuttiChoo. And before you get engrossed in the glory and story of Punjabi Juttis displayed here, do revel in the grandeur that Punjabi Jutti is supposed to be lightest kind of footwear, so light that even the sparrows can fly with them… this is what the elderlies of Punjab boast and take pride in!

JuttiChoo evolved with the vision of restoring the fabulousness of Punjabi Juttis which have been winning hearts and accolade without any fail, in India, Asia and all across the world. The fact that we adorned the feet of celebrities and common women alike is what makes us happy. A complement coming from a college girl is as much cherished as the photos of celebrities wearing our Juttis.

At JuttiChoo, we are committed to bring the folklore and tales of Punjabi Jutti come alive as each pair tells stories of beauty and romance, entwined in fine threads of silk, silver and even gold! With intricate embroideries standing out on each piece, Jutti Choo exemplifies the art and science of embroidery on Punjabi Juttis.

JuttiChoo aims to be a synonym for awe-inspiring designs that reflect Punjabi richness, uniqueness, & aura with as spell-binding combination of modern chick look, but also classic in a fresh and exciting way. Well, no designs are alike at JuttiChoo. Simply because the same pinch is not meant to pinch at your feet!

An ode to the unique You – JuttiChoo

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